Less congestion - increasing road capacity and building the Third Thames Bridge

I will work with Reading and Wokingham Borough Councils to repair potholes to make journeys safer, cut parking charges in Reading to reinvigorate the town centre, get the Third Thames Bridge built to cut congestion - and will oppose Labour's congestion charge.

Congestion has been an issue in Reading for decades. And with increasing housing developments within the town and across the constituency, the road networks require upgrades.

The Labour-run Council in Reading has wasted almost £1 million on its failed Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) for buses, which threatened the biodiversity of our rivers. They've increased parking charges in the town centre, increased the cost of parking permits for residents, and are planning a workplace parking levy and a congestion charge.

This war on the motorist must stop. I will oppose any move to a workplace parking levy or congestion charge - if you agree, please sign my petition (sign up on the left-hand side of this page).

To reduce congestion, we need a change of approach by the Council. We need a broad ranging competition of ideas, where we actually listen to the people of Reading on what they want, not Labour councillors plotting away in closed rooms under the failed leadership of Tony Page to tell people what they want. 

I will listen to local constituents on this issue and am determined to find a solution.

Our plan to solve Reading's congestion crisis:

  • Get the Third Thames Bridge built
  • Extend Napier Road (by Tesco) over the River Kennet to Thames Valley Business Park, linking to the upgraded A329(M) and Third Bridge - providing an alternative route East to the Cemetery Junction bottleneck
  • As part of a package to build the bridge, upgrade the A329(M) to the M31 as originally envisioned - improving traffic flow, reducing congestion (particularly for vehicles using the town centre to connect to the M4 around Reading and A33 to M3) by providing alternative routes the south-west section of the M25, reducing motorway journeys between Reading and Byfleet (and on to Gatwick) by 10 miles and reducing traffic on the busiest section of M25

Projects like these - not hitting motorists in the pockets - will increase capacity and reduce congestion.



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