More police on the streets, less paperwork, cutting crime

I am campaigning for 1,000 extra police officers to be recruited for Thames Valley Police, with greater coverage in areas outside the town centre, and to reduce paperwork so they spend more time on the streets tackling crime. 

I recently spent a Friday night on the late shift with Thames Valley Police (TVP) in Reading, responding to emergencies and following up enquiries, as they do day in, day out, to make sure that our area is a safer place.

It was a good opportunity to hear their views and those of other officers on the shift. And see for myself the pressures of the job.

Thames Valley Police do a fantastic job - and they need our continued support. That is why the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has committed to recruiting 20,000 new officers. I am campaigning for the Home Office to provide at least 1,000 of those for TVP, and ensuring that we get our fair share in Reading, which is the most overstretched area within the Thames Valley.

And I am campaigning to get the Home Office to identify ways in which we can reduce paperwork and time spent at computers, so officers can respond to calls and follow up reports more quickly.


Policing priorities in the Thames Valley

I attended my first Strategic Independent Advisory Group at Thames Valley Police HQ this evening. The main item on the agenda was hate crime.