Conservative Parliamentary Candidate, Craig Morley: "This is the best Brexit deal for Reading East"

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has negotiated a new Brexit deal with the European Union. It will now be put to a vote in Parliament and, if approved, will see the UK leave on 31 October - three and a half years after the Referendum.

Craig Morley said:

" Boris has been Prime Minister for 85 days. When he took over, everyone said it would be impossible to get a new deal and get Brussels to retreat. He’s pulled it off. 

"This is the best Brexit deal for Reading East – this is a real Brexit deal which ensures that we take back control.

"I am fully behind the Prime Minister and urge Members of Parliament to vote for the deal on Saturday in order to Get Brexit Done. 

"The people of Reading East are ultimately democrats, who respect the national democratic vote in 2016 and want to see Brexit done so we can move on to the people's priorities - cutting crime and putting more police on the streets in Reading, greater funding for local schools, rebuilding the Royal Berkshire hospital, getting the Third Thames Bridge built and tackling congestion."


The Government's new deal ensures:

  • Britain is out of all EU laws. We will be able to change our laws in a huge number of areas – from product standards to fishing rules to farming subsidies – where we are currently bound by EU rules.
  • We will be able to strike our own free trade deals. We will have an unqualified right to strike our own trade deals around the world, and the whole UK will participate in them.
  • European Court supremacy ends in Britain. It will be our courts, applying our laws, which will be the highest authority in the land.
  • We will be in control of our taxes. We will be able to change VAT rules and other tax laws that are currently determined by Brussels.
  • Northern Ireland will be in the UK customs territory forever. There is now no doubt that Northern Ireland remains part of the UK’s customs territory and will benefit from the free trade deals we strike.
  • The anti-democratic backstop has been abolished. The people of Northern Ireland will be in charge of the laws that they live by, and – unlike the backstop – will have the right to end the special arrangement if they so choose.

The Prime Minister has achieved what many said was impossible and negotiated a new deal so that we can respect the referendum result and get Brexit done on 31 October, without disruption and in a friendly way.

Craig Morley added: 

"Boris has forced Brussels to re-open the deal – something many said was impossible. He's ensured Britain will no longer be bound by EU laws and taxes – something many said was impossible. He's ended the supremacy of the European Court in Britain – something many said was impossible. And he's removed the backstop and ensured that the people of Northern Ireland are in control of the laws they live by – something many said was impossible."