New cancer screening machines for the Royal Berkshire Hospital

On the back of recent news of the Royal Berkshire Hospital being selected as one of 21 hospitals receiving seed funding to progress plans for a rebuild, Craig Morley, the Conservative Candidate for Reading East, has today welcomed the announcement of funding for new machines at the Royal Berks that will improve patient experience and lead to earlier diagnosis of cancer.

The new machines will improve screening and early diagnosis of cancer, and are part of the government’s commitment to ensure 55,000 more people survive cancer each year.

The Royal Berks is one of 78 trusts to receive funding to replace, refurbish and upgrade:

  • CT and MRI scanners – bringing in alternatives with lower radiation levels
  • breast screening imaging and assessment equipment

Replacing and upgrading machines will improve efficiency by:

  • making them easier to use
  • being quicker to scan and construct images
  • reducing the need to re-scan

This new equipment also brings new capability, with many machines enabled for artificial intelligence (AI) so the NHS is ready for the challenges of the future. They will contribute to the NHS Long Term Plan’s goal of catching three-quarters of all cancers earlier when they are easier to treat.

Conservative Candidate for Reading East, Craig Morley, said:

"This is fantastic news for local residents. Cancer prevention is already at a record high, but more can be done, and this £200m investment will help improve cancer detection and survival — helping to achieve our target of at least 75% of cancers detected in the early stages.

"It demonstrates the Conservative Party's commitment to the NHS — we are investing a record £394m every week in the NHS, substantially more than what was promised on the Brexit bus. This is enabled only by our strong and growing economy, with record employment and rising wages. Conservatives are the true party of the NHS."

Health and Social Care Secretary, Matt Hancock said:

"This new state-of-the-art equipment for 78 trusts across England will ensure doctors and clinicians can help even more people survive a cancer diagnosis and stop the disease as early as possible.

"It’s mission critical that the technology our NHS uses to prevent and diagnose cancer is brought into the 21st century. We have backed the roll-out of these new machines with £200 million in funding, as part of our Long Term Plan, backed by an extra £33.9 billion a year."